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Introducing: The Daily Fastball
Hot real estate deals, ready for investment,  and texted directly to your phone DAILY! For FREE!

No purchase required - Opt-out Anytime

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This daily text is your way to take advantage of 15 years of research and expertise...and take a massive shortcut right to the good stuff:
We've spent the time learning, mastering, and navigating all the details of investment properties (and the best markets to be investing in) so you don’t need to waste time or worry about it. In fact, to date, our Moneyball Real Estate System has produced recession-proof, revenue-generating returns regardless of market fluctuations, interest rates, or the current political climate. 

With each daily text you will see:
Amazing And Profitable Real Estate Deals At Your Fingertips DAILY!
  • A beautiful purchase ready property with a full financial analysis including the most important numbers you need to see, including:
  • Total monthly financial benefit including cash flow, tax benefits, appreciation, and principle pay down!
  • Total overall profit broken down by year, and taking all financial gains into account.
  • ​Total out of pocket investment required, plus any additional fees and expenses throughout the lifetime of you owning the property.
  • Property stats including bed, bath, square footage, year built, mortgage expenses, rent amounts, property management expenses and MORE!
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Our “Don’t Pay A DIME Until You CLOSE” Guarantee
We realize that going all in on your financial future and making an investment with your hard-earned dollars is a big deal, and we don’t take that lightly.
We want you to feel relaxed, and excited for your upside potential through this entire process! And that can’t happen if you’re worried about the risk…

We’re SO confident in our done-for-you Moneyball Real Estate System, that you won’t pay a DIME until we’ve finished every step of the process, and you’ve CLOSED on your property.  

That means… we’ll tackle every step of the process for you (Find it, Finance it, Fix it, Fill it)... but if you don’t CLOSE on the property, you pay NOTHING. 

The only way we make money is when you WIN!
The only question is…
Are you READY to get a ‘sneak peek’ at what your future could look like as an owner of investment properties?  

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About Done For You Real Estate
We were recently named to the Inc. 5000 as one of America's fastest growing private companies.

Done For You Real Estate is the definitive solution for busy people looking to add real estate to their investment portfolio without having to take the time, effort, or risk typically required in order to own profitable real estate. 

DFY removes the guesswork and heavy lifting out of the investment process for our clients by finding, financing, fixing, and filling perfectly suited investment properties for you while still allowing you to take full ownership and keep 100% of the financial benefit of owning your investment real estate. 

Our one-stop-shop has been successfully using our proprietary Moneyball Real Estate System for 15 years, and has helped our clients successfully transact nearly 1 billion dollars in simple, conservative, profitable real estate!
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